Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Kurz & Lang

Silly one really, but I’ve passed it a few times and now that winter is comingoccasionally have a romanticised craving for German Christmas markets; all wrapped up warm with steaming mulled wine, stuffing my face... although the reality can be quite different at the South Bank markets. Tourist tat and sloshing lager is closer the mark.

But it was at one of these that I first tried currywurst, basically a sausage with some curry-flavoured ketchup, and rather liked it. So one lunchtime I took the plunge. It’s open until about 6am on weekends and does have a sterile, kebab house feel to it. More post-Fabric fuel than Christmas in Köln, but there you go.

The currywurst (£5.75) with potatoes and a bread roll (I didn’t fancy sauerkraut) was ok. One singular but large imported German sausage brutally sliced up in that clever little machine they have. I could only think what light work it would make of male appendage.

It was then doused with ketchup and curry powder which wasn't quite what I remembered, and served with some small cubed potatoes which were pretty dusty and dry. It filled a gap – I think if it was 3am and I was hammered, this place might be a godsend for being less artery clogging than kebabs, chips etc… but it’s not that satisfying. If it wasn’t German themed, it could be any old banger stand at a funfair.

They do serve Paulaner and some other German beers, no idea how late though. I’d love to track down some good German food in London though. I suspect it’s all Oktoberfest themed and tacky, which is fun and fine, but I'm sure higher end stuff must exist in Germany. And if I’m honest, I really just fancied adding ‘German’ to my tags…

Food – 5/10
Drink – 7/10 (German beers available)
Service - 7/10 (no pleasantries but quick and efficient)
Value – 7/10
Tap water tales – n/a (no ask, no get)  
Staff Hotness – 4/10 (burly man on the sausages and bored, moody woman at the till. Lost opportunity for some dolled up German hotties?)
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