Friday, 22 June 2012

Anna Mae's

Following my venison burger, it’s another quick one on Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese. It’s kind of obvious what they’re hawking, but I think there’s a little confusion as I’m sure I saw them pitched up on the South Bank last year, battling Pitt Cue over for the pulled pork crown. A look at their website indicates they still do a range of ‘Southern Street Food’, but on Sunday in Marylebone, it was all about the mac.

Not a huge deal to say really. I had the Don Macaroni which was £5.50 and had some dried bacon bits sprinkled on top. They were good, in that there’s no such thing as bad bacon bits, but there wasn’t anything remotely culinary happening here. 

Yes it was cheesy, but it was all liquid and I do prefer the odd lump or slightest hint of solidity. The pesto was out of a clear squeeze bottle so I have no idea if it was homemade or not, but I’m not too hopeful. 

There is a place near Delicatessen in New York which only does macaroni cheese that I’ve never tried, so there clearly is a pinnacle in this niche which hasn’t been reached in London. Hawksmoor still have this one I reckon.

So Anna Mae’s aren’t pushing any provenance, or indeed any story. It’s comfort food prepped in bulk – the mac could have done with more seasoning, but it did have some bite which pasta at this school dinner scale rarely does. Decent portions and chirpy service. If you see it around, it might just be exactly what you’re hankering for, but it didn’t rock my world.

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