Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hawksmoor (Guildhall)

In theory, a steakhouse (or steak joint I suppose is closer) in the City fills me with dread. Sweaty blokes with napkins down their shirts, sleeves rolled up, entitlement coursing around the room, dropping 2-large on Chateau Something on bonus day…stupid stereotypes of course, but a far cry from W1 indeed. But needs must and finding myself on a Friday evening near St Paul's and hankering for steak, I was suddenly spoilt for choice.

not my usual dining partner

I’m not a huge fan of late dining in malls (in this continent anyway) so Barbecoa was out. And Goodman I thought might be a touch staid in their City location, so it was over to the devil I know, at Hawksmoor Guildhall.

The space is pretty much identical to Seven Dials. A grand sweep downstairs, a sultry moody bar and through to a large dining room with low lighting and wood panelling. The room feels more spacious, and more symmetrical in a way. The industrial aspects of Seven Dials’ brewery heritage are absent here. But it’s ostensibly the same.

yes, it is a negroni, and yes it is 2012

The food is the same too. We had 900g of Porterhouse which came to £76. It was perfectly cooked and wonderfully smoky, and we happily coped without sauces, but there just wasn’t quite enough of it. For £76, I shouldn’t be peckish. At all. You really are paying a lot for a massive bone, as it were…

pricey bone

Wines, cocktails and sides are all fantastic here and have been extensively covered, including by me previously. Service was keen and clued up. And the crowd on a Friday night wasn’t too dissimilar to any other location of theirs – yes some suits, but a real mix with plenty of women and people in civvies. During the week I’m sure it’s different, but I can’t complain really as this is their turf. I just hate feeling underdressed.

In short, this is more of the same, but no worse for it. However I’d stick to the £30 bone-in sirloin which at 600g represents much better value that the shared cuts – where you need to hit a kilo (and spend a ton) to debilitate yourself suitably.

Food – 9/10
Drink – 9/10
Service - 8/10
Value – 7/10
Tap water tales – 9/10
Staff Hotness – 8/10
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