Monday, 11 April 2011

Fernandez and Wells

A quick pit-stop in Soho and I thought I'd try this smaller outpost of those stripped-back coffee, ham and wine gurus Fernandez and Wells. Even though this occupies one of my favourite old trainer shops (Foot Patrol, now on Berwick and not as good!) I am a big fan of both the Beak Street cafe and Lexington emporium of jamon y queso.

Washed down with my salty favourite Vichy Catalan, the charcuterie plate was a great snack (£8.50), boasting a spicy Basque chorizo, some regular Tuscan salami and some amazingly pungent finocchiona salami too. With some toasted bread to provide the carbs, it was delicious.

I could still taste the fennel an hour later, and the staff knowledge and provenance were excellent. Sliced by hand on an old-school contraption too which was quite the artisan spectacle...(hope this guy doesn't mind, good charcuterie skills squire...)

The Piglet had that Lexington Street stalwart, the fried chorizo and manchego plate (£6.50) which went down very nicely too although could have been a tad bigger. We are pigs though...

The vibe here is pretty casual, more so than the other two outlets I reckon. The decor is simple whitewashed brick, the staff extremely cool, the excellent coffee from Coleman beans, and the prices reasonable-ish. The sandwiches look great too.

I think describing this one as an Espresso Bar sells it short, implying something hole in the wall or transient, but you could happily while away an hour or two no problem. Drinks in the evenings too...

Food – 8/10
Drink – 8/10
Service – 7/10
Value – 7/10
Tap water tales – 6/10 (requested, iced-glass)
Staff Hotness – 8/10 (cute girls and hipster guys who might have been kicked out of Mumford & Sons for being too well behaved)

Fernandez & Wells
16a St. Ann's Court, Soho W1
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