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Morito is the spin-off tapas bar by the Observer Food Monthly darlings 'Sam n Sam' of Moro, right next door on Exmouth Market. I do wonder which York Way eateries will start getting the hype since The Guardian's Kings Cross move, but I digress...Morito is rather great.

What else could you order for an unseasonably lovely day, but a caña of Cruzcampo and kick back to watch the buzz from the market... A mere two seconds later, the beer arrives frothing away and ice cold in an authentic tumbler, perfect start.

My companion has been here before, and she takes the lead from the quite extensive menu of predominantly Andalucian and North African inspired dishes, all doused in chilli, cumin and paprika.

We start with that Catalan breakfast of kings, the tomato toast with jamon (£3.50) which was a little tough due to the bread used; the underside of a dense roll. I love the tomate mush dripping through the holes of sliced baguette or ciabatta, so this isn't quite as fun.

The tabouleh salad (£3.50) is nicely seasoned and the deep-fried chickpea salad, adorned with tomato and chilli (£3.50) is crunchy, moorish (arf) and totally snackable.

On to the chicharrones de Cadiz (£4) which are little treat sized pieces of pork belly fried in cumin and eminently shareable. The butifarra sausage on a bed of white beans (£5.50) isn't quite so generous and the sausage was less cooked than some might like. Tasty though.
chicharrones and fried chickpeas

However it was the lamb chops which stole the show on the day. Two luscious chops spiced with paprika and cumin (£6) served medium rare and ready to savage, caveman-style. Juicy, spicy, exotic and tactile - epitomising Morito itself.

lamb chops, with tabouleh in the background
The DIY seasoning dishes provided nod to the spice markets of North Africa but the funky set up and no-nonsense service remind more of a modern tapas joint in urban Spain. It's unpretentious fun, smells great and people seem happy to be there. A fantastic value trough (less than £20 a head) on a street which already boasts some great options, EC1 is definitely up there for the best casual feeds...

Food – 8/10
Drink – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Value – 9/10
Tap water tales – 6/10 (requested, came in a cute carafe though no ice)
Staff Hotness – 7/10 (very cool, relaxed guys getting the job done)

32 Exmouth Market, EC1
AWOL website...? Try to get a feel for it.
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