Saturday, 2 April 2011

Lola and Simón

Lola & Simón is a rather unexpected Kiwi-Argentinian find on a drab, suburban stretch of King Street in Hammersmith with a board outside challenging you to find a better coffee in West London, and to order a Flat White.

Well, I prefer a Long Black most of the time, and having passed it a couple of times, I thought it was worth a squirt, as they say. The Piglet and I were there on a Saturday around 2pm, and it was rammed with buggies, but not in a bad way, and it wasn’t a pushy, sceney parents’ vibe.

The place itself is nicely decorated; big counter piled with pastries, with an impressive range of modern Kiwi and Argentine wine bottles towering over the colourful room which sports some funky teardrop wallpaper.  In case you’re curious, Lola and Simón are the pet dogs of the Kiwi-Argentinian couple owners – full story on the website! (Pedant alert - I couldn't help but think it should be called Lola y Simón, but that's the Hispanophile in me...)

We were both famished and ordered the ‘Really good bacon sandwich’ (£5.15) which we were quite excited about. It promised granary but the bread wasn’t that flavourful. It was filling though, with generous back bacon, rocket and tomato. Decent effort.

The service was sweet, lots of friendly girls running eagerly up and down the stairs, and my Long Black was probably the best I’ve had west of Coffee Plant in Portobello, with Monmouth beans and some optional milk (heresy!) provided in a cute little jug for one. Nice touch.

So if you’re in the area, and don’t fancy Asian or pub-food, this provides quite a unique, relaxed and thoroughly ‘nice’ option for the area. I really should revisit, having only had a coffee and a bacon sarnie though! The brunches looked good, and the evening meal featured Argentinian steaks (of course), NZ lamb and some tasty sounding bistro dishes.

Food – 6/10
Drink – 7/10
Service – 8/10
Value – 8/10
Tap water tales – 9/10 (jugs freely offered, iced with lemon and mint) 
Staff Hotness – 7/10 (couple of cute girls, no signs of Gael Garcia Bernal…who I know isn’t really Argentinian)

Lola & Simón
278 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0SP

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