Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Foodie bits and bobs - and bills!

Just a bit of news - I haven't seen it all over the net so thought it'd be worth saying on here.

Firstly, congratulations to Manchester who will be getting a L'Entrecote restaurant in the old Armani on King Street - that'll do well there especially considering the secret sauce is ostensibly northern chippy curry sauce.

And more importantly - a bit of giveth and taketh away. I'm slightly miffed that the PIX Pinchos on Westbourne Grove has closed down. The food was never that amazing, but it was fun as a bar. Hot staff too albeit a bit preening. It added a bit of life to that stretch, desperately needed after the Cinephilia West café shut down.

But on the other hand, it is already being refurbished - as bills!

bills of course, (lower case and no punctuation is canon), is the casual but excellent restaurant concept by Sydney's finest Bill Granger. Brings back amazing memories of time spent in Sydney, especially our first morning when we stumbled across it at about 6am. Or the third morning, where we stumbled across another in Surry Hills!

Will be an excellent addition to the area, and West London's dining scene could certainly do with a boost. Can't wait...doubt you'll be able to move for bloggers...

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