Friday, 5 August 2011

Crabshakk (Glasgow)

So if you find yourself in Glasgow, you could do a lot worse than Crabshakk in the West End. It's a low key, but serious outfit and rather obviously specialises in seafood.

The decor is all clean lines and right angles, wood, chrome and glass. There is a champagne bar slightly similar to those at airports, but also tables and booths for proper lunches.

We had so much not covered here, it's hard to recall - but it's all fresh Scottish produce and served in a wide variety of ways; with Asian dipping sauces, quirky ingredients and some more traditional and Mediterranean styles - rather than just plain with a slice of lemon like you might get somewhere inferior.

Squid tentacles are a favourite, despite the unappetising name. I guess it's descriptive but as I'm still relatively squeamish about some seafood, it makes me baulk a bit!

Tempura squid with soy and coriander dipping sauce is delicious and fresh.

Scallops (with coral remaining) come out sizzling in their pan juices.

And yes, there's an obligatory steak on the menu - which isn't a forte here sadly. The Butchershop round the corner is your place for that.

Coffee is good and the tablet is a nice local touch.

Prices are all very reasonable (£10-15 mains) but portions aren't massive. Service is friendly and prosecco is £4.50 a glass. Clink!

It's a chic, urbane little slice of Manhattan in Glasgow, which supposedly provided inspiriation Manhattan's gridiron layout a certain Piglet tells me... And if you're here instead of Edinburgh one time (it's not prettier but it's a lot more fun) and don't fancy pakora and cheesy chips, then you could do a lot worse...

p.s. Ker-razy Scottish craft beer rebels BrewDog have a dedicated bar just up the road...
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  1. Haven't made it up to Glasgow yet in our year of travels, but am sure it's on the list. Will bookmark this for when we do (and the BrewDog bar).

  2. It's a fun place, and actually quite foodie. I recommend it.