Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Havelock Tavern

Cheeky bavette at The Havelock Tavern in W14, definitely the best pub for food in that part of town.

It's a slight step up even from your average gastropubs. The menu changes twice daily, they bake their own bread (which is doled out for free) and the wine list is excellent. It also has decent outdoor seating which is a rarity in dense Brook Green. 

Not worth crossing town for, but if an unlucky bib happens to find themselves traumatised, caught out in the wilderness between The Ledbury and La Trompette, you could certainly wait out the rain here.

No I'm joking, it's really rather good. The bavette in question is about £14 and comes with excellent chips, salad and a creamy tarragon butter.

chips with bavette in the background

Other dishes range from pub favourites to some more adventurous curries and quite decent French cooking. I've never seen a burger on offer though.

A great local, even if it does feel like a kennel at times...

Food – 7/10
Drink – 7/10
Service - 6/10
Value – 8/10
Tap water tales – 7/10 (lukewarm, lemoned jugs at the bar)
Staff Hotness – 6/10
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  1. Oh I miss British gastro pubs and this one looks like a corker. Just look at those fat chips!

  2. They miss you I'm sure! Chips here are really good, but they're strict: chips only served alongside a dish, never alone!