Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Boom Burgers

Boom Burgers is a pop up affair over in the backstreets of W10, just off Golborne Road. While the southern reaches of Portobello wrestle with the onslaught of homogenisation, high rents and the All Saints monstrosity, the northern end remains more interesting. Although it is long established as a boho crustie-trustie and latterly Portuguese and Moroccan enclave.

Yes there have been recent openings of Ally Capellino and Pizza East (notably, East London heavies) but Golborne has always had a more natural vibe to it than Johnny Come Lately Shoreditch, and hasn’t thrived primarily on nightlife and late licences.

But I’m not here to crash on about tribes, this is firmly about the burgers. Boom Burgers is so much of a pop up that I barely know anything about it. No Twitter feed I could discern, and other online presence is sparse too.

What I do know, and what I saw, is two guys setting up a tent/marquee in a random backyard, playing some music and slinging some burgers. The burgers come one way – in a ‘Boom Box’ for £10 which had the burger, fries and some coleslaw.
the boom box
The burger was great. The patty was juicy and medium-rare, and served with very melted cheese in a nice brioche bun, topped with the trademark bacon jam. Our party was a little divided on this due to its maple sweetness, but I loved every gloopy piece.

Fries were perfect – hot, crispy, simple and salty. Dare I say like McDonalds fries on a good day? Salad was fine, basic staples to add to your burger. It was BYO, so lots of beers. Much cheaper than a session at MeatLiquor…

This was a pretty cool outfit. It felt like stepping into an episode of Skins. Or should that be As If? Urban-clad yet plummy-voiced kids drinking beers and smoking roll-ups, listening to dub and enjoying their burgers in the sun. 

It was a good vibe, and felt more ‘pop-up’ and intrepid than other pop-ups, which seem to massively plan, have huge lead times and a big comms presence. This genuinely felt quite underground and edgy – or possibly like gatecrashing Lily and Miquita’s barbecue (circa. 2004) – except those two soaks wouldn't have had the fantastic bacon jam I'm sure.

more of that jam

And it’s so ‘pop-up’ that I actually have no idea if it’s on again. Or even if it’s called Boom Burger or Boom Burgers. But if you’re in the area on a weekend, do keep an eye out. There’s great coffee at Lowry & Baker too.

Boom Burger(s) – 67 Wornington Road just off Golborne Road, W10.

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