Monday, 7 November 2011


I promise I’m not one for blogging drunken kebabs, or night bus chicken burgers or other filth. Honestly.

But there I was, after a lunchtime meeting in Soho and about to jump on a bus to Shoreditch for another meeting, and I was absolutely famished. I try to avoid Pret, and so Mooli’s caught my eye after longingly gazing into Barrafina, and I thought why not.

I’d seen mention of it and some platitudes on some blogs, but genuinely thought it was little more than an Indian burrito joint. It isn’t, but is no worse for it.

My Keralan beef with coconut, salsa and yoghurt (£5) took me quick aback though, which is why it wasn’t photographed in more salubrious surroundings! My quick snack had suddenly become bloggable and tasty; but I’m on the 55 and all of a sudden getting some very odd looks, as the weird guy in smart clothes, eating and photographing his smelly day-time kebab on a bus.

The beef chunks are tender and plentiful. The salad is high-grade stuff, not just watery iceberg. Nice tomatoes and raita through it too. The coconut gave the wrap a lighter, sweeter taste, which was balanced very well from a slight kick from the beef. It wasn’t too spicy by any means, but the warmth lingered a while, which I like.I did keep thinking how this burrito was missing refried beans and cheese though - forgive me.

I checked Urbanspoon out and it turns out Mooli's is fairly revered and rated, and I treated it like a common doner! So I’ll be back to try the other meats (goat, mmmm) and get more of the Mooli’s vibe. I didn't even notice the interior. My apologies for the déclassé pictures. But like burritos, they’re not photogenic stuff and all in the eating.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up- can't wait to check it out.

  2. It caught me by surprise, really quite good!