Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dean Street Townhouse

Bar snacks are important. And I’m not sure why they aren’t generally better, especially in more classic cocktail and hotel type bars. Southern European places generally have plates of meats, cheeses and picky bits, but cocktail bars don’t usually offer much more sustenance than nuts or olives.

Serious grub, such as this absolutely delicious sausage roll, or the tangy Welsh rarebit below (both £6), will keep a drinker drinking when his appetite kicks in and his potential bar spend is on the wane (cynical much?)

At Dean Street Townhouse, I love sitting at the bar and taking in the Soho buzz. They have a great range of drinks and the service is top notch. I’ve eaten fully here a few times, and sadly have found the menu a little spiritless. I completely appreciate the intention, but there is no flourish, colour or joy with much of it. Cross the road to Bistro du Vin for a more passionate kitchen, but linger here for the booze and the bar accompaniments to soak it up.

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