Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pitt Cue Co.

Pitt Cue is finally here.

I could ramble on about it being the year of the night market/food truck, or indeed the continuation of no reservations – although at about 30 covers when they get their stools, not unreasonable here.

I could mention the “new Meat Liquor”, “queuing at The Cue” or theories about the NY-ification of London’s food scene, and a million other foodie clichés also too.

Many are true, but more are irrelevant. As frankly, Pitt Cue is just damn good.

bourbon with your red wine, sir?

Sometimes I have a flash of clarity and remember that this food blogging game isn’t about science, history or deep social commentary, but the fundamentals of great food and a good time. Copious booze usually supports this too. And Pitt Cue certainly delivers.

Bit of a wait upstairs but nothing major. New York Sour (£6) to get me in the mood - bit heavy on the wine though! The other one wasn't drinking.

Pork scratchings were as they should be; crunchy, fresh and fatty. Although these were a touch cold and I think at least room temperature could be better. We didn't really have time to care though as the big boys arrived pretty much straight afterwards.

brisket and friends
Beef brisket (£9.50 including a side) was nicely cooked; the plentiful strips had a slow cooked taste but a shade of pinkness too. You can really taste the smoke, as the BBQ sauce is generally served on the side.

St Louis Ribs (also £9.50 with side) are pork ribs but big ones, not baby back. Again, the taste is in the meat and the smokey charring. They have a bit of bite too - you have to work for them. For those who prefer them sliding off, drowning in BBQ sauce, Bodean's isn't a long walk! Or you can add your own.

St. Louis ribs

Sides here are also set to be legendary, and really what help set it apart from The Other Place. These are no chips or onion rings, it's all proper down home stuff. Not that it's boring - the amazing mash comes with a lovely topping of burnt ends, and the baked beans are home made, in a rich sauce with proper turtle beans. You also get a hunk of grilled bread, incredible pickles and slaw in your Labour & Wait retro-style tin. It's like a Dirty South bento box.

A side of chicken wings (£4) was a deceptively generous portion of wing nestled in a moderate hot sauce. Very nice, moreish, gloopy and everything they should be. A more Confederate type of wing to the Yankee buffalo with blue cheese dip, but no worse for it.

Desserts are good. Service is friendly, although it'd be hard not to get attention in this tiny space. I guarantee it'll be packed solid for month and months. On being the new Meat Liquor, I think it'll be hugely popular but I don't think it has that rock 'n roll, hedonistic objective to it. It's not a club, and with no NFL in sight either, it's just a great place to grab some ribs and a proper drink.

Like the late great Pat Butcher, they're all about the smoking and the drinking here. Doris and Ethel, the named smokers in the kitchen, have done an excellent job. You can follow them on Twitter.

So once again, another great addition to an area already overrun with options in every price range and cuisine imaginable.
Food – 9/10
Drink – 8/10
Service - 9/10
Value – 8/10
Tap water tales – 5/10 (not offered, not requested)
Staff Hotness – 8/10
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