Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Back to Bill’s

Just a brief recap of my second and final trip to Granger & Co. After my previous review I had said that I’d return for the brunch, which is certainly what I’ve been fondest of in my trips to his Sydney eateries. The hotcakes specifically.

I was even asked to come back and try it again by a PR after some teething problems, so I did. Of course, anonymously and self-financed. I don’t need a theatrical performance of redemption and obsequiousness.

It’s still very busy and popular. That isn’t their fault. What is, is a complete lack of any control over their crowd. People were spilling across the entrance, a woman’s handbag was bashing a diner, people were hovering over tables gawping at food. It was appalling. BAA have done better in a snowstorm.

They should make more than about 4-6 people wait outside. 

So we waited for ages, but eventually got our table. Ricotta hotcakes (£10.50) were good, silky and rich. The dish became a little repetitive even though the portion wasn’t huge, and they sit quite heavily. But they were good, I can’t deny that.

Like my man Mr. Noodles said, the sweetcorn fritters (£11.90) were decent but a tiny portion. You really have to make that one rasher of bacon sing, a bit like WW2 rations. Although Mr. Granger, we will not meet again...

The Piglet wanted an egg on the side – “Sorry we don’t poach eggs” proclaims the waiter at London’s hottest brunch place. Erm, ok. You must have some mad kitchen skills back there. 

Very Fordist I must say – even Burger King lets you have it your way. A consolatory side of scrambled eggs had not seen an iota of seasoning. Bland, like the experience.

So thanks Bill but no thanks.

I think I’ll keep you as my taste of Sydney – the frenetic profiteering operation in London I can do without. Back to The Providores everyone!

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  1. A poached egg would've gone great guns with the fritters, but with hidnsight they probably did you a favour. I can imagine them charging a fiver for an egg!

    Bit of a shame, as I like the concept (if not the execution in this instance) of the Aussie-style casual joint.