Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hawksmoor Christmas Burger

A little jaunt earlier to check out Hawksmoor Seven Dials’ Christmas Burger saw a momentous occasion and newsworthy joining of forces...

Not only was it @scouserachel’s maiden Blonde-ing to yours truly, but I was also privileged enough to witness her own judgment day. The annual Christmas sarnie summation took this Blonde viral pre-George Michael fame, and this was surely to be the pinnacle of the genre. Sorry Pret, but there is actual GRAVY here.

Coming in at £15 including more carbs than are ever wise before an afternoon’s work, the Christmas burger also hosts a little jug of gravy for dipping both the duck fat tatties and the multitudinous ingredients falling from the burger.

It’s on trend in terms of buttermilk fried blah blah, but doing so to turkey is an even smarter upgauge of a more boring bird. There is Tamworth sausage which is a ‘quietly deluxe’ McDonalds breakfast sausage patty. These guys are just so clever. There is a huge rasher of bacon. Sprout tops provide the greenery. Cranberry ketchup the lube. Oh, and masses of cheese – all piled into a perfect brioche bun.

Quite reasonably, the bun did struggle under this burden, and I granted myself special dispensation to knife and fork it after a few lifting attempts. I’m quite a stubborn weirdo with burgers (not even really approving of halving them), but this is a sloppy beast. It encompasses hot, crispy, smooth, sharp, salty, sweet – any sensation you could ever need in a lunchtime.

I’ve not much else to say except run and get one while you can… meanwhile I’m halfway to horizontal at my desk. I really should be dozing on the couch swearing at Eastenders instead, my Christmas dining having peaked today. Hawksmoor, as ever, just get it right.

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  1. Obscene, and yet a thing of beauty...

  2. Have always loved the burgers at Hawksmoor. Not so much a fingers person when it comes to burgers (yep, I "knife and fork" them too!). I can totally picture myself cleaning up that small pot and gravy though!